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Can I enroll at any time?

At this time, no, however enrollment into Whole Woman will be open shortly!

How can I change my password?

You can reset your password or change your payment information here.

How is the program going to be delivered?

The entirety of the Whole Woman Course is available now on the membership site on the Whole Woman Course page. Every lesson includes information, inspiration, and wisdom on a certain topic that leads you to a deeper understanding of who you are and inspires freedom to be that person in your daily life.

How can I access the Facebook Group?

When you enrolled in the membership you should have received an email with a link to join Whole Woman’s private Facebook community. Here’s the link again. Simply request to join, answer the questions on the member request page, and one of our team members will grant you access as soon as we’ve confirmed your member status. If you go by a different name on Facebook please, let us know.

How can I access the Coaching Call replays?

Each month the Coaching Call replays are accessible in the Whole Woman Membership Facebook group. They are also posted on the Full Moon Coaching Calls page on the membership site around the time of the Full Moon.

When are the Masterclasses, Coaching Calls and Lessons offered? Are they live or pre-recorded?

Seasonal Masterclases will be announced to all members via email once available. They are typically pre-recorded.

Coaching Calls occur around the Full Moon each month (the perfect time to gather) – you can find the schedule here. You can submit your questions and challenges and I will answer them in detail giving you support. The answers will be recorded for our live Coaching Calls or answered via email. 

The Whole Woman Course is available here. Included in each lesson, you will also receive:
– A book of the month recommendation
– A ritual of the month or meditation to help you forge a deeper connection with yourself, your magic, and the part of existence that’s bigger than us
– Journaling prompts to help you uncover what’s true for you

How do I get my Bonuses?

If you signed up for Whole Woman during a bonus period, you should have received all the details in an email right after your purchase. If you didn’t receive a bonus and signed up during a bonus period, email our team at

How do I download a PDF?

If you’re using a PC: Right click to download.

If you’re using a Mac: Control click to download.

Also, please make sure that you have the latest Adobe Reader installed. If not, you can download it for free here.

When can I expect my monthly payments to be billed?

Your first payment is processed on the day you enroll, and payments are billed every 30 days thereafter.

If I want a refund, how do I get one?

You can cancel anytime and you won’t be billed again. Please note: a cancellation does not refund the previous month’s charges because the membership content has already been delivered to you.

How can I cancel my membership?

We’re sorry to hear about this change of mind, but we completely understand. You can process your cancellation by clicking here. From there, you’ll find a page where you can enter your information to cancel your membership.

Who do I contact for customer service?

You can email us at for support.

I’ve been emailing/messaging Sarah and I haven’t heard back. Is she getting my emails?

As much as I want to read every single email, I receive dozens upon dozens each day, so the team at Sarah Jenks International reviews all the messages and sends me any messages needing specific attention. Trust that I am reading all of the emails, but I might not be able to reply to every single one. That’s why we have amazing facilitators and coaches assigned to the group to care for and address questions/comments/feedback. To be sure your message is received, please send an email to

In addition to Whole Woman™, I’d like to work with Sarah one-on-one. How can I do that?

At this time, I no longer offer personalized coaching. However, you can submit your questions and challenges to me here and they will be answered via the Coaching Calls or via email. In addition to those Coaching calls, we have an amazing Whole Woman Coach who can help you dive deeper into any topic we cover during Whole Woman. Email to learn more about working with a coach.

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